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Jimmy Kimmel’s Hilarious Late Night Return: Channeling the Kardashian Drama


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Late-night television just got a whole lot more entertaining as Jimmy Kimmel made his triumphant return. But this time, it wasn’t just about the comedy; it was about channeling the explosive drama that the Kardashians are infamous for.

In a cheeky Instagram clip shared on Sunday, October 1st, Jimmy Kimmel, the affable host of “Jimmy Kimmel Live!”, staged a reenactment of the dramatic phone call between Kim and Kourtney Kardashian. Seated on a couch, Jimmy began, “Yeah, hi, I just wanted to let you know that we’re back on the air on Monday.”

The camera then transitioned to Kim, with a puzzled expression, asking, “What do you mean?” It was the perfect setup for the hilarity that followed.

“I mean the writer’s strike is over, and the show’s gonna be back,” Jimmy explained. Kim, with a hint of skepticism, inquired, “Are you happy?” Jimmy, with his trademark wit, assured her, “I’m very happy,” and then asked if she was “happy for” him.

In a classic Kardashian tone, Kim raised her voice, asking, “Why would I not be happy for you?” It was a moment of sheer comedic brilliance as Jimmy’s sidekick, Guillermo Rodriguez, strolled in with a margarita. Jimmy continued, “I don’t know, you just don’t seem that happy for me. Everyone here is really happy. It’s been 150 days since we did a show, and I’m happy we’re back at the show. But you don’t care. You don’t even like the show, I guess.”

Kim countered, “No, that’s where I think that you’re wrong,” before Jimmy ended the conversation with a humorous paraphrase of Kourtney’s famous line, “She’s a witch — she’s an actual witch.”

The timing of Jimmy’s return, on Monday, October 2nd, couldn’t have been more perfect, coinciding with the end of the 148-day-long Writer’s Guild of America strike. Fans flooded the comments section, expressing their excitement about Jimmy’s comeback. Even John Stamos chimed in, calling it “Weird but GREAT!”

Meanwhile, in the world of the Kardashians, Kim and Kourtney continued their explosive clashes during the season 4 premiere of their Hulu reality series. This feud traces back to season 3 when they had a heated argument over Kim’s collaboration with Dolce & Gabbana, the very brand Kourtney used for her 2022 wedding ceremony in Italy.

The drama is far from over, as the sisters watched “the edits” from the third season, which revealed them talking about each other to friends and family. As fans eagerly anticipate the unfolding drama in the fourth season, one thing is for sure: Jimmy Kimmel has set the stage for a season of laughter and entertainment.

Jimmy’s return may not have solved the Kardashian family’s issues, but it certainly brought joy and laughter to late-night television. Here’s to more comedic brilliance in the nights to come! 📺😂✨

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