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Angelina Jolie Launches Fiery Attack on Former Flame Brad Pitt Amid Bitter Legal Struggle Over Winery Ownership

In a stunning twist to their ongoing legal saga, Angelina Jolie has unleashed a scathing response in the fierce courtroom battle surrounding the once-shared French winery, which she and Brad Pitt acquired during their matrimony back in 2008. This new development comes after Angelina, now 49, divested her interests in the lavish Chateau Miraval, a multimillion-dollar estate, in 2021. However, her decision to sell her portion of the winery to a Russian entrepreneur prompted Brad, aged 59, to file a lawsuit against her in February 2022, accusing her of an unlawful act. The intricacies of their tumultuous relationship have recently been unveiled through court documents obtained by reliable sources.

In a jaw-dropping court filing allegedly obtained on July 10, Angelina Jolie’s legal response effortlessly tore down Brad Pitt’s claims with razor-sharp precision. “Brad Pitt, an actor by profession, lacks the artistry and dedication required of a true vintner,” her scorching statement declared. “He revels in illusions, far removed from the genuine toil and craftsmanship associated with nurturing the soil and cultivating grapes,” she added dismissively, dismissing Brad’s portrayal of himself as a committed countryman and winemaker as nothing short of absurd. Angelina, a mother of six, persisted, “Throughout the supposed years of his ‘labor’ building this business, he was entangled in an endless whirlwind of film projects, countless promotional appearances, extravagant travels to global movie premieres, and lavish Hollywood soirees. While he may have occasionally visited the vineyards to marvel at the efforts of hardworking French laborers who truly ensured the success of the enterprise, Brad Pitt is no vigneron.”

With unyielding fervor, Angelina also accused Brad of siphoning profits from the winery, asserting that he owed her a staggering sum of $350 million. Our attempts to reach out to Brad’s representative for comment were met with an eerie silence, leaving the accusations hanging in the air.

Brad’s legal filing in June heavily relied on the argument that he and the bewitching Maleficent star were bound by a contractual agreement. “As stated in Plaintiffs’ Second Amended Complaint, Pitt and Jolie mutually and unequivocally committed, through their actions and words over time, to uphold the shared ownership of Miraval. Moreover, they vowed that if the day arrived when they wished to sell their respective shares, it would only be with the other party’s explicit consent,” his complaint emphasized. Of course, Angelina’s sale took place without his consent, rendering the contractual argument null and void.


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Brad further alleged that during Angelina’s ownership of the winery, she made no effort to contribute to its management. “Instead, she callously allowed Pitt to pour not only his financial resources but also his sweat and toil into the business, all while relying on her promise to preserve the integrity of Miraval. Additionally, her holding company, Nouvel, carried an obligation to him,” Brad claimed. “By the time their paths diverged, Pitt’s investment had exceeded Jolie’s by a staggering $50 million.”

Reports suggest that Angelina and Brad were initially engaging in discussions regarding the equitable division of winery shares as part of their divorce settlement. However, once relations soured, Angelina abruptly terminated all negotiations and sold her stake, leaving Brad in disbelief. The former Hollywood power couple has also been embroiled in a protracted custody battle over their six children, with Brad eventually securing joint custody after a grueling five-year courtroom struggle that reached its climax in 2021.

As the legal battle rages on, the tension between Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt only grows more palpable. Their once-unbreakable bond has been reduced to bitter exchanges and scathing accusations, leaving the world to wonder if any remnant of the love they once shared remains.

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