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Blue Ivy, 11, Looks So Grown Up With Mom Beyonce & Dad Jay-Z In The South Of France

Blue Ivy, the 11-year-old daughter of superstars Beyonce and Jay-Z, recently made a stylish appearance alongside her famous parents in the picturesque setting of the south of France. In an image obtained by reliable sources, Blue Ivy exuded confidence and maturity as she arrived at the airport. Sporting baggy jeans, a fitted white tank top, and a black hoodie, she effortlessly showcased her unique fashion sense. Her beautiful afro added a touch of natural elegance, complemented by a silver necklace and a black purse. Surprisingly, Blue Ivy seemed to be almost as tall as her mom, who discreetly followed behind, cloaked in black to maintain her privacy. Jay-Z completed the family trio, donning a green jacket, white turtleneck, and a white bucket hat.

Over the past few weeks, Blue Ivy has been making waves by joining her mother on stage during several dates of the Renaissance World Tour. Her first surprise appearance occurred on May 26 in Paris, France, where she delighted fans by energetically dancing alongside her mom during the performance of “My Power,” a track from Beyonce’s 2019 album, The Lion King: The Gift. Blue Ivy continued to captivate the audience as she danced to “Black Parade,” released in 2020. Her silver jumpsuit perfectly matched her mother’s outfit, solidifying their powerful bond and shared talent.

Both performances sparked a frenzy on social media, with fans praising Blue Ivy for her confidence and composure on stage at such a young age. The collaboration held a significant meaning for Beyonce, who expressed her pride and gratitude for her daughter in an Instagram post prior to the London show. Alongside pictures and videos of Blue Ivy’s onstage moments, Beyonce wrote, “My beautiful firstborn… I’m so proud and thankful to be your mama. You bring us so much joy, my sweet angel.”


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Tina Knowles, Beyonce’s mother, also showered praise on Blue Ivy. Sharing an Instagram clip of her granddaughter’s impressive dance moves in Paris, Tina marveled at the 11-year-old’s courage. She highlighted the immense challenge Blue Ivy faced by performing in front of an audience of nearly 70,000 people, dancing alongside professionals and executing intricate choreography they had rehearsed for months. Tina commended her granddaughter’s smoothness, coolness, and undeniable confidence, expressing amazement at her talent and character.

After Blue Ivy’s London performance, Tina once again took to social media to celebrate her granddaughter’s accomplishments. She couldn’t contain her excitement about Blue’s perfectly styled hair, gushing, “My Grandbaby slinging that Hair! It’s bouncing and behaving.” Dressed in a vibrant red jumpsuit, Blue Ivy effortlessly commanded attention and showcased her unique style.

Beyonce’s Renaissance Tour marks her highly anticipated return to the global stage since her 2018 collaborative tour with Jay-Z, the On the Run II Tour. Commencing in Stockholm in early May, the Renaissance Tour will conclude in Poland at the end of July. Following this leg, Beyonce will embark on the North American segment of her tour, captivating audiences with her awe-inspiring performances. The next tour date is scheduled for June 24 in Frankfurt, Germany.

In conclusion, Blue Ivy’s presence alongside her famous parents in the south of France is a testament to her remarkable growth and maturity. At just 11 years old, she has showcased her talent and confidence on stage, leaving audiences in awe. Supported and cherished by her mother, Beyonce, and grandmother, Tina Knowles, Blue Ivy continues to shine as an extraordinary young performer. As the Renaissance Tour continues to captivate audiences worldwide, Blue Ivy’s star power and natural charisma promise a bright future filled with success and adoration.

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