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Britney Spears Opens Up About the Slap Video: A Profound Cry for Justice

Britney Spears bravely confronts the disturbing incident that unfolded before her eyes, where a security guard assigned to San Antonio Spurs player Victor Wembanyama struck her for a seemingly innocuous tap on the NBA star’s shoulder. In a poignant Instagram post that I urge you to explore HERE, Britney bares her soul and shares her raw emotions upon watching the video that captured the entire ordeal—her anguished screams of, “That’s America for you! F*** you all!” reverberating in the aftermath.

Having spent years immersed in the entertainment industry, crossing paths with some of the most renowned figures worldwide, Britney expresses her disbelief and shock, emphasizing that never before has she experienced such a despicable act of violence from a security guard. She captions a serene black-and-white photograph of a Victorian woman, her words accompanying the image on a serene Friday, July 7, as she voices her innermost thoughts: “I’m not seeking pity by revealing this truth… I’m merely offering you an honest perspective… My reaction may have been far from ideal… YES, I admit it… Countless documentaries have been produced about me, none of which I approved… Helplessness has plagued me in most circumstances, and my actions in Vegas were an outcry on every conceivable level.”

Britney’s soliloquy continues, lamenting the inequality she has encountered and assuming an astonishingly forgiving tone. She boldly proclaims, “I will say it without hesitation!!! No, I have not been treated as an equal in this nation…” Her introspective monologue persists, delving deeper into her thoughts and emotions: “When I watched the video myself… those who rallied around me after the assault made me feel valued!!! I was unaware of their presence at the time… All that resonated was my profanity-laden outburst… Yet, refraining from retaliating was a far superior choice 🙄🙄 🙄 !!! Nevertheless, I remain an ardent admirer of the NBA player… He bears no responsibility for his security’s actions… Unfortunate incidents occur in life!!! I genuinely hope you are all enjoying a splendid Friday!!!”


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These candid revelations come in the wake of Britney being struck on Wednesday, July 5, outside the Catch restaurant in Las Vegas, after playfully tapping Victor on the shoulder. The security guard, later identified as Damian Smith, delivered a brutal backhand blow that jolted her, knocking off her glasses, as detailed in her subsequent account. The resounding impact and Britney’s bewildered and enraged reaction echo clearly in the video footage.

The clip, surfacing on Friday, serves as the latest development in an ongoing saga initiated by Britney’s desire to meet the player at the Aria Hotel on July 5. She later revealed on Instagram that she “tapped” him, though Victor’s recollection of events greatly diverges. In a statement provided to reliable sources on Thursday, the athlete claims, “That person called out to me, ‘Sir, sir,’ and grabbed me from behind.” Furthermore, he professes ignorance of Britney’s identity until several hours later.

The Las Vegas Police Department, having chosen not to press charges, acknowledged their response to the incident on Las Vegas Boulevard at 11 p.m. on July 5 in a statement to reputable sources. In a subsequent media release on Friday, they affirmed, “No charges will be filed against any party involved.”

Through her poignant words, Britney Spears invites us into the depths of her emotional turmoil, transforming a distressing incident into a profound cry for justice. Her vulnerability serves as a testament to the injustices she has faced, urging society to reassess the treatment of individuals and the importance of empathy and compassion.


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