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Brooke Shields Opens Up About Her Daughter’s Modeling Aspirations

Brooke Shields, the renowned actress and former model, recently spoke about her initial reluctance to allow her 17-year-old daughter, Grier Hammond Henchy, to pursue a modeling career. In an emotional interview on Live with Kelly and Mark, Brooke shared her concerns about the changes in the modeling industry and how it has become a challenging “rat race” compared to her own experience. However, despite her reservations, Brooke ultimately recognized Grier’s passion and talent, leading her to support her daughter’s dreams. Let’s delve into Brooke Shields’ heartfelt journey and her views on the modeling world today.

A Mother’s Battle

Brooke Shields candidly expressed how she initially resisted Grier’s desire to enter the modeling industry. She fought against it, fully aware of the demanding nature of the profession. Brooke, who herself started her career as a young model, understood the challenges and the changes that had occurred over the years. It was clear that she wanted to shield her daughter from the intense pressures that come with being a model.

The Changing Landscape

Brooke reminisced about her own modeling days, highlighting the stark differences between the industry then and now. In her heyday, the absence of social media and the dominance of print media allowed her to navigate a different landscape. However, today’s modeling industry is heavily influenced by social media platforms and popular figures such as Kendall Jenner, Gigi and Bella Hadid, and Hailey Bieber. These new dynamics have transformed the industry into a competitive and relentless “rat race.”

The Temptation of Runway

Grier’s interest in runway modeling posed an additional concern for Brooke. Having never pursued this particular aspect of modeling herself, she recognized the immense challenges that awaited her daughter. The backstage atmosphere, often described as intense and demanding, can take a toll on anyone, let alone a young aspiring model. Despite acknowledging Grier’s exceptional beauty and potential, Brooke admitted she wouldn’t have been able to handle the pressures of the runway herself.

Reluctant Acceptance

Brooke’s admiration for her daughter’s passion and work ethic gradually led her to accept Grier’s career aspirations. Recognizing that her daughter possessed the necessary qualities to navigate the industry, she eventually “gave in” to Grier’s dreams. However, Brooke made it clear that her support came with certain conditions. She insisted on instilling a strong work ethic in Grier, emphasizing that success wouldn’t come without discomfort and challenges.

A Family’s Journey

Brooke Shields and her husband, Chris Henchy, also have an older daughter, Rowan, who has accompanied her mother on many red carpets. However, Rowan’s presence in the limelight has diminished in recent years as she focused on her studies at Wake Forest University. The family dynamic has played a significant role in Brooke’s approach to Grier’s modeling ambitions, with her experiences and lessons learned from raising Rowan likely influencing her decisions.


In conclusion, Brooke Shields’ journey through the modeling industry has shaped her perspective on her daughter Grier’s desire to pursue a similar path. Though initially hesitant, Brooke recognized Grier’s passion and potential, leading her to overcome her reservations. She acknowledges the challenges and competitive nature of the modern modeling industry, emphasizing the importance of a strong work ethic and her motherly guidance. Brooke Shields’ story serves as a reminder of the complexities involved in navigating the dreams and aspirations of loved ones, as she supports her daughter on her own unique path to success.

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