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Chilli and Usher’s Secret Love Affair: The Truth Finally Comes Out

Chilli bravely confesses that her connection with her ex-flame, Usher, continued to flicker even while he was bound in matrimony.

Refusing to let their passionate bond smolder away, the TLC songstress recently revealed that she and the soulful “Confessions” crooner remained in contact until the year 2019, a staggering 15 years after their highly publicized romance had come to an end.

“I pour my heart and soul into love,” the 52-year-old, known by her real name Rozonda Thomas, earnestly confided to People on Thursday. “I found myself questioning, ‘Oh God, why can’t I move on?’ He faced the same struggle.”

Chilli disclosed that it was only in 2019 that she made the painful decision to sever ties with her former flame, choosing instead to focus on her own growth and well-being.

“I even halted my pursuit of new romances,” she added, her voice tinged with vulnerability. “I realized that if I hadn’t fully moved on from [Usher], attempting to build something new with someone else would be futile. I refused to straddle the line of uncertainty.”

Speaking to the publication, the “Scrubs” songstress unveiled the tumultuous nature of their relationship, characterized by intermittent reconciliations when they found themselves unattached to other partners.

However, it’s worth noting that during Chilli’s continued connection with Usher, the “Confessions” maestro was legally bound to Tameka Foster from 2007 to 2009, and subsequently to Grace Harry from 2015 to 2018, marking a full year prior to Chilli and Usher finally severing their ties.

Chilli and Usher’s romantic journey began in 2001, culminating in a bittersweet end three years later.

Coincidentally, it was in the same year that Usher released his critically acclaimed opus, “Confessions,” which fans passionately believed chronicled his transgressions during his time with Chilli. However, the truth of the matter was clarified by the “Red Light Special” songstress herself in a candid 2013 interview with Us Weekly. She emphatically stated that Usher had not betrayed her trust.

“We were still together when he recorded that album. All those songs on ‘Confessions,’ they were about Jermaine Dupri’s personal experiences. Usher was merely lending his voice to the narrative. But the timing of our breakup coincided with the release of the album, so people naturally made assumptions,” she explained, seeking to set the record straight.

Chilli firmly asserted that their parting was simply a result of the passage of time, a natural progression. She vulnerably confessed that Usher had been her one true love, the embodiment of a deep connection.

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