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Ciara and Russell Wilson Embrace Expectant Joy with Their Fourth Child


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In a heartwarming revelation that has set fans abuzz, the multi-talented artist Ciara, at the age of 37, has announced her pregnancy! The songstress took to her Instagram on the 8th of August to share this joyous news, captivating her followers with a video that beautifully showcases her burgeoning baby bump. Dancing gracefully at the edge of a glistening pool, she radiates pure happiness while adorned in a chic one-piece black swimsuit. The backdrop of the video is graced by the beats of her latest melodic creation, “How We Roll,” a captivating collaboration with the talented Chris Brown. Ciara’s clever choice of lyrics from the song as the video’s caption only adds to the sweetness of the moment: “You look at me like that again, we make another kid,” capturing the essence of the joy that fills her heart. Truly, love knows no bounds, and this couple’s journey is a testament to that.

This enchanting video, a glimpse into her joyful world, was lovingly filmed by none other than her adoring husband, Russell Wilson. The captivating clip was shot during their anniversary celebration in the picturesque landscapes of Japan, back in July. This heartwarming news marks the impending arrival of the couple’s third bundle of joy, further enriching their already blessed family. The proud parents already dote upon their adorable daughter, Sienna, aged 6, and their charming son, Win, who is 3 years old. Notably, Ciara is also a loving mother to a young lad named Future Jr., who is 9 years old and is her cherished legacy from a previous relationship.

The enchantment of motherhood hasn’t dimmed Ciara’s radiant light. An inside source revealed that even while carrying new life within her, Ciara defied expectations by energetically filming her music video for “How We Roll.” The insider marveled at her boundless energy, recounting how she danced passionately throughout the day’s entire shoot. Her dedication and passion are truly astonishing, and her infectious enthusiasm continues to inspire those around her. For Ciara, being a mother is more than just a role; it’s a profound love that fuels her spirit.


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For Russell, the anticipation of expanding their beautiful family has been a longing close to his heart. The couple made a memorable appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show in March 2022, a moment etched with sincerity and affection. During the show, Russell humbly knelt before his wife, his eyes filled with hope, and playfully implored, “Can we have more babies?” His earnest plea was accompanied by a heartfelt desire for another child to complete their family’s portrait. Ciara’s laughter resonated with pure joy, as she lovingly reassured her devoted partner, saying, “We definitely can, but we’ve got a little time before we get there.”

The romantic journey of Ciara and Russell began in 2015, a year marked by destiny. Their love story blossomed, culminating in their engagement in March 2016. The culmination of their love was celebrated with a beautiful wedding that following July, a moment that sealed their commitment to each other for a lifetime.

In conclusion, the radiant news of Ciara’s pregnancy has touched hearts worldwide, a testament to the power of love and family. With their hearts intertwined and their family expanding, Ciara and Russell stand as a beacon of hope and devotion in a world often craving such genuine connections. As they await the arrival of their newest family member, the world watches in awe, ready to embrace the joy that this talented couple so beautifully exemplifies.

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