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“Hailey Bieber’s Jaw-Dropping Anniversary Look For Rhode Skin Will Leave You Breathless!

It was a night of celebration for Hailey Bieber as her beloved skincare line, Rhode Skin, marked its one-year anniversary on June 15. To commemorate the occasion, the supermodel threw a lavish party in New York City, and as she stepped out of her apartment, she looked absolutely stunning. Dressed in a mesmerizing strapless mini dress with a daringly plunging neckline, Hailey exuded confidence and style. The sequined dress, accentuated by a bow at the midsection, showcased her impeccable fashion sense. She adorned herself with a diamond necklace and elegant Tiffany & Co. earrings, adding a touch of glamour to her ensemble.

As for her beauty look, Hailey opted for a sleek updo, perfectly complementing her striking attire. Her radiant skin, surely benefitting from her own Rhode products, glowed with a natural and luminous allure. With rosy pink eye shadow and a luscious pink lip gloss that harmonized with her dress, Hailey’s makeup added a touch of freshness to her overall appearance. Completing the look, she wore clear high heels and carried a sparkling mini purse, adding an extra dose of sophistication.

Behind-the-scenes glimpses of the anniversary party, shared on various Instagram accounts, captured Hailey in a joyful state, surrounded by friends and supporters. At the age of 26, Hailey launched Rhode Skin in 2022, introducing a “new philosophy on skincare.” The line offers products that aim to provide Hailey’s signature “dewy glazed skin,” as described on Rhode’s website.

Motivated by her own journey towards healthier skin, Hailey developed products that truly deliver results while remaining accessible to everyone. Rhode is dedicated to offering science-backed formulations and simplifying the complexities often associated with effective skincare. Hailey expressed her hope that these products will become essential elements in people’s skincare routines, residing in their bathrooms, accompanying them during travels, improving their skin over time, and ensuring it remains happy and hydrated.

The Rhode Skin line focuses on “intentional skincare,” offering essential products to meet specific skincare needs. Hailey offers a prep lotion (new), hydration fluid, lip layer (available in three flavors), and recovery/restoration layer. To coincide with the brand’s first anniversary, the Glazing Milk Prep Layer, the latest addition to the lineup, was released on June 15.

As Hailey Bieber celebrated the milestone of Rhode Skin, her devotion to providing effective skincare solutions and empowering people to embrace their skin’s natural beauty shone through. With her glamorous appearance and the success of her skincare line, Hailey continues to inspire and uplift others in their skincare journeys.

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