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Heartbroken: Chris Pratt Pays Tribute to Late ‘Everwood’ Co-Stars, Treat Williams and John Beasley

In the midst of overwhelming sorrow, Chris Pratt, renowned actor, mourns the untimely demise of not one, but two beloved co-stars from the cherished TV series, Everwood. Taking to his Instagram account on June 13, Chris penned a heartfelt tribute to Treat Williams, who tragically passed away just a day earlier. He also expressed his condolences for another cherished colleague, John Beasley, who departed on May 30. Deeply affected by these losses, Chris shared his sentiments with the world, writing, “It’s an incredibly sad season for the cast and crew of Everwood. We’re still grappling with the devastating loss of John Beasley, and now we find ourselves mourning the departure of Treat Williams as well. Both these men were extraordinary actors, devoted husbands, caring fathers, and cherished friends. Their absence will be profoundly felt.”

In his tribute, Chris reflected on the profound impact that both John and Treat had on his life, expressing his gratitude for the wisdom and inspiration they imparted. He also extended his heartfelt support to the grieving families, stating, “The Beasley Family and Williams Family will remain in my family’s prayers. May we meet again, gentlemen. God bless you all. Embrace your loved ones tightly. Take a moment to connect with those who weigh on your mind. Life is a fragile, precious gift, and its beauty lies in its transience. Cherish it, and let us cherish one another.” Concluding his poignant message, Chris made a thoughtful gesture by recommending movies that showcased the talent of Treat and John.

Everwood, a cherished television series, graced screens for four unforgettable seasons from 2003 to 2006. Treat Williams portrayed the role of a widowed father in the fictional town of Everwood, Colorado, where he moved with his family following his wife’s tragic passing. Chris Pratt, on the other hand, brought to life one of the town’s spirited youngsters. In the wake of Treat’s passing, numerous other Everwood co-stars, including Emily VanCamp and Gregory Smith, who played Treat’s son on the show, have also paid heartfelt tributes to the late actor.

Treat Williams, aged 71, met an unfortunate end in a motorcycle accident on June 12. His passing has left a void in the hearts of many. He is survived by his loving wife, Pam Van Sant, whom he shared a beautiful bond with for nearly 35 years, as well as their two cherished children. Meanwhile, John Beasley, at the age of 79, bid farewell to this world in a hospital less than two weeks prior to Treat’s passing.

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