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Hope Rekindled: Could Carrie and Aidan Finally Find Their Way Back to Each Other?

As the highly anticipated Season 2 of “And Just Like That” approaches, fans of the series are buzzing with excitement and speculation. In a recent interview , series creator Michael Patrick King hinted at the possibility that Carrie Bradshaw (portrayed by the iconic Sarah Jessica Parker) and Aidan Shaw (played by the charming John Corbett) could ultimately find their way back to each other. King boldly declared, “I didn’t bring Aidan back to fail,” leaving fans with a glimmer of hope for a romantic reunion.

John Corbett, now 62, who portrayed Carrie’s on-again, off-again love interest for two seasons in “Sex and the City,” also shared insights into his character’s evolution. He emphasized that Aidan has undergone significant personal growth, revealing, “He’s really, really listening to her now.” This newfound maturity suggests a deeper connection and understanding between the two characters.

Sarah Jessica Parker, who has embodied the beloved columnist for over 25 years, added her perspective on the evolving romance between Carrie and Aidan. She described their relationship as being free from urgency and demands, highlighting the absence of fevered passion. Despite their past engagement and subsequent breakup due to Carrie’s fear of commitment, their connection seems to have matured over time.

For fans well-versed in the intricacies of the “Sex and the City” universe, the road to a potential reunion for Carrie and Aidan has been fraught with challenges. Carrie’s infidelity with Big (portrayed by Chris Noth) strained their relationship, leading to their eventual separation. However, the return of Aidan to the series suggests an opportunity for redemption and a second chance at love.


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John Corbett confessed to feeling a touch of jealousy and FOMO (fear of missing out) when he saw his former co-stars filming the SATC revival without him. The actor reflected on the impact the role of Aidan Shaw had on his career, expressing gratitude for the opportunities it afforded him. He shared, “It’s given me such a wonderful life, and asked so very little in exchange for that big sack of money that I got. I’ve gotten everything out of this life that I wanted.”

As viewers eagerly await the new season, they have already witnessed the departure of Chris Noth’s character, Mr. Big, in a heartbreaking twist. Carrie’s journey through grief was a central theme in Season 1. Now, with the return of Aidan confirmed through official show channels, the atmosphere is filled with anticipation. The show’s Instagram account tantalized fans by sharing photos of the former lovebirds holding hands, and subsequent images of passionate kisses between Carrie and Aidan further ignited the excitement.

In addition to Aidan’s return, the upcoming season promises another familiar face—Kim Cattrall’s beloved Samantha Jones. While her appearance will be brief, the inclusion of Samantha acknowledges the enduring affection the cast and fans have for the character. Sarah Jessica Parker explained that this decision was inspired by the desire to celebrate the show’s 25-year legacy while giving Samantha a face to accompany the text.

As the next chapter unfolds, emotions run high, and viewers brace themselves for the possibility of a long-awaited reunion between Carrie and Aidan. The air is thick with anticipation, hope, and a longing for the characters’ journey to take an unexpected yet fulfilling turn.

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