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Kelis Focuses on Family Amidst Bill Murray Dating Rumors

Kelis, the renowned singer known for her hit song “Milkshake,” is currently prioritizing her family while rumors circulate about her alleged romance with actor Bill Murray. Kelis is currently enjoying a vacation in Greece with her three children, and she has been sharing glimpses of their adventures aboard a yacht on her Instagram Stories. While there is no sign of Murray joining her on the trip, the speculations about their relationship have sparked interest. Let’s explore how Kelis is embracing family time amidst the dating rumors and find solace in their shared experiences.

Family Fun in Greece

Kelis has taken to Instagram to document her family vacation in Greece, cherishing the precious moments with her three children. She shared delightful videos of her sons gleefully doing pencil dives off the yacht, bringing a smile to her face. Additionally, she captured the picturesque charm of the island’s streets as she strolled along, labeling them as “cute.” The artist’s focus on her family showcases her dedication to creating lasting memories with her loved ones.

Absence of Bill Murray

Throughout Kelis’ Instagram Stories, there is no trace of Bill Murray, indicating that he is not present on the family vacation. While rumors have been circulating about their alleged romance, the singer is devoting her time solely to her children during this getaway. This emphasizes her commitment to maintaining a sense of normalcy for her family amidst the public scrutiny.

Unlikely Bond Over Shared Experiences

Reports of a potential relationship between Kelis and Bill Murray emerged after they were spotted together at some of Kelis’ performances abroad. According to sources, the pair have developed a connection, driven in part by recent bereavements they have experienced. Kelis tragically lost her husband, Mike Mora, to stomach cancer last year, while Murray mourned the passing of his older brother Ed in 2020. Despite the significant age difference between them, the insider suggests that they are both single and finding solace in each other’s company during this challenging time.

Embracing Life’s Ups and Downs

Kelis’ journey through grief and her commitment to her children reflect her resilience and strength. Following the loss of her husband, she remains dedicated to being a loving mother to her two children from her marriage with Mora, Shepherd and Galilee, as well as her son Knight from her previous marriage to rapper Nas. By focusing on her family and finding joy in their adventures, she demonstrates the importance of cherishing moments of happiness amidst life’s ups and downs.


While rumors swirl about a potential romance between Kelis and Bill Murray, the singer remains steadfast in prioritizing her family and their well-being. Through her vacation in Greece, she showcases the joy and love she shares with her three children, creating lasting memories together. Kelis’ ability to navigate personal challenges and find solace in her family’s company serves as an inspiration to others facing difficult times. Regardless of any speculation surrounding her love life, her devotion to her children and her strength in overcoming adversity remain at the forefront.

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