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Kendra Wilkinson’s Candid Admission: Divorce Triggered Deep Depression Requiring Intense Healing

Reality TV star Kendra Wilkinson, known for her appearances on shows like The Girls Next Door and Kendra on Top, has opened up about the profound impact of her divorce from Hank Baskett on her mental health. In a recent episode of Melissa Gorga’s On Display podcast, Kendra candidly discussed the challenges she faced, including a deep depression that lasted for several years. Her journey involved navigating the loss of her marriage, the end of her television career, and finding solace through intense healing. Through vulnerability and resilience, Kendra has emerged stronger and embraced a new chapter in her life.

A Marriage Dissolved, Dreams Shattered

Reflecting on her past relationship with Hank Baskett, Kendra acknowledged that they once had a strong and happy marriage. However, the reality of divorce and its unexpected consequences plunged her into a profound depression. Nobody anticipates the end of a marriage when they first say their vows, and Kendra found herself grappling with the aftermath of a broken union. Alongside the emotional toll, she also experienced the loss of her long-standing television career, which added to her sense of grief and disorientation.

The Struggle to Heal

The combination of divorce and the loss of her television show forced Kendra to face a new reality—one without the familiar elements that had defined her life for so long. Transitioning into a smaller home, grappling with the unknown, and processing her emotions became crucial components of her healing journey. For a period of four to five years, she battled with depression, needing to confront her pain and find a way to rebuild her life from the ground up.


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Finding Purpose and Faith in Real Estate

In her darkest moments, Kendra embarked on a journey of self-discovery and healing. Stripped of fame and familiarity, she felt lost and disconnected from her identity. However, with unwavering determination, she sought to find herself again. Real estate became her unexpected path forward—a way to regain faith in life and put her trust in something new. Little did she know that this career choice would eventually lead to her own real estate series, Kendra Sells Hollywood, allowing her to once again step into the limelight.

The Strength of Motherhood

Amidst the turbulence of her personal struggles, Kendra found solace and motivation in being a mother. Her beautiful children became her driving force, providing a sense of purpose and a reason to keep going. Despite her own battles with happiness and self-identity, she recognized the importance of being there for her kids, supporting them in their endeavors, and cherishing the moments they shared as a family. Through their love and the role she played as a devoted mother, Kendra’s heart continued to beat, propelling her forward.


Kendra Wilkinson’s journey through divorce and subsequent depression serves as a powerful testament to the resilience of the human spirit. From the heights of reality TV fame to the depths of personal struggles, she confronted her pain, undertook the arduous task of healing, and discovered new paths for growth. Through her openness and determination, Kendra has emerged stronger, embracing her role as a mother and finding fulfillment in unexpected places. Her story reminds us that even in our darkest moments, there is hope for healing, renewal, and the opportunity to create a new and vibrant chapter in our lives.

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