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Lala Kent Slams Tom Sandoval for Making Insensitive Remark About Her Daughter

Defending Motherhood and Condemning Hurtful Words

In the wake of hurtful remarks made by Tom Sandoval during the “Vanderpump Rules” reunion, Lala Kent, the host of the “Give Them Lala” podcast, passionately expressed her outrage on her Instagram Stories. The comment Sandoval muttered under his breath about the conception of her beloved daughter left Lala feeling disgusted and ready to defend her little one.

Diminishing the Magic: A Disheartening Blow

Lala, with a heavy heart, revealed her profound disappointment upon witnessing Sandoval belittle the conception of her beautiful and enchanting daughter, Ocean. The mere thought of such a remark caused her to question the values instilled in Sandoval during his upbringing. She couldn’t help but wonder how his own family must feel, burdened with the weight of his words and questioning their connection to him.

Unleashing a Mother’s Fury: Boundaries Crossed

Kent’s emotions overflowed as she sternly addressed Sandoval’s insensitive comments in her video message. She expressed her gratitude for not having heard the hurtful words during the filming of the reunion in March. She vowed that if she had been aware, her fierce motherly instincts would have ignited, ready to fiercely protect her precious daughter. The strength of her love, akin to the protective embrace of a mother bear, would have fiercely confronted Sandoval.

Drawing a Line: Respect for the Innocent

Lala Kent’s passionate message delivered a clear warning to Sandoval: he must watch his words. While she acknowledged that he could target her all day long, she vehemently demanded that he keep her daughter, Ocean, out of his mouth. The line had been drawn, and Kent’s unwavering love for her child made it crystal clear that no harm should befall her innocent daughter.

A Final Plea: Focus on Boundaries

In conclusion, Lala expressed her desire for Sandoval to understand that while he may have issues with her, he must leave Ocean out of his grievances. She urged him to consider the emotional boundaries that should exist, emphasizing that the innocent should never be dragged into adult conflicts.

Lala Kent’s fierce and protective nature shines through as she defends her role as a mother. Her love for Ocean transcends all boundaries, igniting a fierce determination to shield her daughter from hurtful comments. In this battle of words, Lala stands unwavering, demanding respect and ensuring that the purity and innocence of her daughter remain untarnished.

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