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Luis Ruelas’ Ex-Fiancée Files Restraining Order Amid Claims He Hired PI to ‘Stalk’ Her

In a shocking turn of events, Vanessa Reiser, the ex-fiancée of “Real Housewives of New Jersey” star Luis “Louie” Ruelas, has recently filed a restraining order against him. The allegations state that Ruelas hired a private investigator to allegedly stalk Reiser. This distressing situation has left Reiser feeling violated and concerned for her safety. Let’s delve into the details surrounding this tumultuous ordeal.

Uncovering the Disturbing Sessions

Reiser, a licensed therapist specializing in narcissistic abuse, began noticing peculiarities in her sessions with a female patient back in February. This patient, using a fake name, repeatedly asked intrusive questions about Reiser’s past relationship with Ruelas. The questions revolved around Reiser’s feelings towards Ruelas and whether she would consider reuniting with him if he were to leave his current wife, Teresa Giudice.

The Payment Mishap and Discovery

As the sessions progressed, suspicions arose when one of the patient’s payment cards failed to go through. Reiser attempted to collect the funds for 30 days but was unsuccessful. Concerned about the authenticity of the patient, Reiser decided to take legal action and hired attorney Douglas Anton to file a collections request. It was during this process that they discovered the patient had been using a fake name and was not a genuine patient.

The PI Connection

Through extensive investigation, Anton’s team managed to trace the patient’s real name to an address that led them to a list of employees working for private investigator Bo Dietl. Ruelas had previously claimed that Dietl was one of his close friends and had allegedly provided him with information about the “Housewives” cast. However, Dietl publicly denied being hired to investigate any of the cast members.

Ruelas’ Intentions and Protection

Sources close to the situation suggest that Ruelas hired the private investigator to protect himself and his family from potential threats. There were alleged death threats and other menacing actions that prompted Ruelas to seek additional security measures. While it remains unclear whether Ruelas hired Dietl to stalk Reiser, her lawyer hopes that Ruelas will address the allegations during the upcoming hearing for the restraining order.

Reiser’s Pursuit of Peaceful Resolution

Reiser’s primary goal is to find closure and peacefully part ways with Ruelas. She does not intend to escalate the situation or file criminal charges against him. Reiser simply seeks an explanation for Ruelas’ alleged involvement with the private investigator and desires a peaceful resolution for both parties involved.

Questioning Reiser’s Motives

Some individuals question Reiser’s motives, referring to her history of filing restraining orders against her exes, including Ruelas and an ex-husband. However, her attorney asserts that Reiser has consistently used the court system to protect herself when necessary. He believes that those who doubt her intentions are misinformed and fail to grasp the gravity of the situation.


The restraining order filed by Vanessa Reiser against Luis Ruelas has shed light on a distressing series of events. Reiser’s claims of Ruelas hiring a private investigator to allegedly stalk her have left her feeling violated and concerned for her safety. As this case unfolds, it is essential to remember the importance of addressing allegations seriously and fostering an environment where victims feel safe and supported. It is our hope that a fair resolution can be reached, ensuring the well-being of all parties involved.

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