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Robert De Niro’s Heartfelt Family Journey: A Look at His Seven Children

In the realm of Robert De Niro’s life, where cinematic brilliance intertwines with personal stories, an unseen world of emotions unfolds. Beyond his acclaimed performances in Taxi Driver and Raging Bull, lies a tapestry of relationships and fatherhood. Today, let us acquaint ourselves with the extraordinary seven souls who affectionately call the legendary Oscar winner “Dad.”

Throughout his illustrious career, De Niro has remained an enigma, guarding his private life with an impenetrable cloak. Amidst the limelight, he has quietly nurtured a paternal bond with his seven children, revealing glimpses of vulnerability amidst the intensity of his on-screen personas. And in the embrace of April 2023, the actor embraced fatherhood for the seventh time, welcoming his daughter, Gia Virginia Chen-De Niro, into the world. A testament to new beginnings and boundless love.

However, life’s unpredictable twists cast their shadows even upon the lives of the celebrated. Only a couple of months later, tragedy struck when Robert’s eldest daughter, Drena De Niro, delivered heart-wrenching news. Leandro De Niro Rodriguez, a vibrant soul at the tender age of 19, was no more.

Robert De Niro, a man who guards his personal life with ferocious loyalty, rarely ventures into the realm of public discussion. Yet, beneath the surface, a treasure trove of captivating tales awaits discovery — stories of love, loss, and resilience, etched into the timeline of his existence. Come, let us embark on a journey through the intricacies of the actor’s personal universe, unveiling secrets and celebrating the newest addition to his extraordinary family.

Drena De Niro, a name that intertwines with destiny, stepped into De Niro’s life through the sacred bond of marriage to Diahnne Abbot in 1976. In that moment, Robert became not only a husband but also a stepfather to Diahnne’s daughter from a previous union — the vivacious Drena. Their paths converged on the set of the 1976 masterpiece, Taxi Driver, where De Niro immortalized himself in one of his most iconic roles. And thus, the young Drena, born on September 3, 1971, embraced her stepfather’s name, embarking on a journey to manifest her own artistic legacy.


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Drena, a luminary in her own right, embarked on a captivating voyage into the realms of acting and modeling. Her artistic endeavors commenced in her mid-20s, where she graced the screen as a receptionist in the film Grace of My Heart. With the passage of time, her filmography flourished, punctuated by remarkable performances. Notable among them was her role in the 2018 Oscar-nominated gem, A Star Is Born, where she shared the screen with luminaries like Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper. She also showcased her talent in the film Joy, a collaborative effort with her stepfather and the mesmerizing Jennifer Lawrence. Throughout her artistic journey, Drena remained an ardent pillar of support for her mother and stepfather, capturing their cherished moments together through the lens of her Instagram page.

Yet, life is but a delicate dance, where joy and sorrow intertwine. On a sorrowful July 2, Drena shared the unbearable news of her son’s passing — the loss of Robert’s grandson, Leandro De Niro Rodriguez. Born from the artistic union of Drena and New York-based artist Carlos Mare, young Leandro graced the screen alongside his mother in A Star Is Born. Drena’s heart shattered into a million fragments as she poured her emotions onto Instagram, expressing an immeasurable love for her cherished angel. “My beautiful sweet angel. I have loved you beyond words or description from the moment I felt you in my belly,” she whispered into the void. The void that now echoed with the memories of a life lost too soon. “You have been my joy, my heart, and all that was ever pure and real in my life. I wish I was with you right now. I wish I was with you.”

In the depths of despair, Drena found strength to carry on, determined to spread the love and light that her son had kindled within her. The pain lingered, but she embraced the responsibility to honor his memory. “You were so deeply loved and appreciated,” she confessed with trembling words, seeking solace in the cosmic realm. “I wish that love alone could have saved you.” A symphony of apologies whispered through the ether, as Drena addressed her beloved boy and Carlos Mare, the father bereaved. “Rest in Peace and Eternal Paradise, my darling boy,” she tenderly murmured, a poignant plea to the heavens.

As the world aches alongside Drena, Robert De Niro, stoic in his silence, has yet to utter a word on the passing of his beloved grandson. Within the depths of his soul, emotions intertwine, grief intertwining with love, as he finds solace in memories and strength in the profound bonds that unite his extraordinary family.

In the realm of Robert De Niro’s legacy, where emotions entwine with triumph and tragedy, the seven faces who call him “Dad” stand as a testament to the depths of love and the fragility of life. In their stories, we find echoes of our own joys and sorrows, reminding us that, ultimately, the human experience transcends the boundaries of fame and fortune.

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