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Scandalous Moment: Matty Healy’s Shocking Kiss at Concert Linked to Taylor Swift Romance! You Won’t Believe What Happened!

Matty Healy sent his fans into a frenzy when he locked lips with a male security guard during his electrifying concert in Denmark. This surprising incident comes hot on the heels of rumors about his alleged romance with none other than Taylor Swift. The charismatic lead singer of The 1975 was in the midst of performing the song “Robber” when he leaned over the NorthSide Festival stage and planted a spontaneous kiss on the astonished security guard, who graciously embraced the unexpected moment. Captured in fan videos shared on Twitter, the passionate display triggered an eruption of applause from the crowd, while Matty took a celebratory sip from his champagne bottle.

A Familiar Gesture

While it may seem like Matty’s impromptu kiss was a unique occurrence, it’s worth noting that he has a penchant for sharing a smooch with a lucky individual during his performances of “Robber,” a track released in 2013. In fact, back in November 2022, he surprised a male fan with a wet kiss during the same song,

The Taylor Swift Connection

The Denmark concert kiss unfolded just days after Matty alluded to his rumored relationship with global superstar Taylor Swift. Speculation about their connection gained momentum when Matty was spotted attending all three of Taylor’s Nashville Eras Tour shows in early May. Adding fuel to the fire, Matty opened his show at BBC Radio 1’s Big Weekend in Scotland on May 27 with a playful remark to the audience: “Is it all a bit? Is it sincere? Will he ever address it? All of these questions and more will be ignored in the next hour. Ladies and gentlemen, this is The 1975.”

A mere three days prior to the BBC Radio concert, Matty and Taylor were spotted leaving the same New York City studio. Additionally, a week before that, the British heartthrob was seen arriving at Taylor’s NYC apartment with an overnight bag. Compounding the intrigue is the fact that the two musicians have been friends for years, with rumors even suggesting a brief romantic involvement in 2014.

Amidst the Speculation

Fans began speculating about a potential romance between Matty and Taylor following her breakup with British actor Joe Alwyn, her partner of over six years. The exact timing of their separation remains unclear.


Matty Healy’s unexpected kiss during his Denmark concert and the ongoing rumors surrounding his alleged connection with Taylor Swift have ignited a whirlwind of emotions among fans. While Matty’s impulsive displays of affection during “Robber” are part of his performance tradition, his recent encounters and association with Taylor have generated curiosity and speculation. As the story continues to unfold, fans eagerly await further insights into the dynamics between these two captivating musicians, whose intriguing chemistry has captured the attention of audiences worldwide.

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