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Zayn Malik: Reflecting on the Journey and Life After One Direction

Zayn Malik, the talented singer and former member of One Direction, opened up about his decision to leave the globally successful boy band in his first interview in six years. Speaking on the Call Her Daddy podcast, Zayn discussed the reasons behind his departure and shed light on the underlying dynamics within the group. With a mix of reflection, honesty, and a desire to pursue his solo career, Zayn shared his personal journey and the path that led him to where he is today.

A Moment of Transition

During the podcast interview, Zayn revealed that his departure from One Direction was driven by a combination of factors. He alluded to internal politics and issues surrounding contracts, which made him realize that something was amiss. Sensing the changes in the band’s dynamics, he decided to take a proactive approach and exit the group, recognizing that it was time to move on.

Pursuing Personal Ambitions

Zayn admitted that his decision to leave One Direction was also influenced by his personal aspirations. As a driven and competitive individual, he expressed a deep desire to be the first member to venture into a solo career. He wanted to carve his own path, showcasing his individual artistry and establishing himself as a unique artist. Zayn’s determination and dedication to his music and business endeavors motivated him to make the bold decision to explore his solo potential.

Unveiling Underlying Issues

The singer acknowledged that, despite the incredible experiences shared by the members of One Direction, there were underlying issues that ultimately led to their divergence. After spending every day together for five years, a sense of familiarity and perhaps even complacency set in. Zayn revealed that they grew tired of each other’s company, a natural outcome when spending so much time in close proximity. Nevertheless, he recognized the importance of those shared experiences, cherishing the memories they created together.


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A Complex Post-Band Relationship

Fans eagerly awaited insights into Zayn’s current relationship with his former bandmates. While the singer performed an acapella cover of one of One Direction’s songs, capturing the attention of some band members, the dynamics between them remain complex. Louis Tomlinson expressed his ongoing struggle to fully overcome past frustrations, indicating that the relationship still requires maturity and healing. However, as time progresses, there is hope for a more positive resolution.

Embracing New Beginnings

Zayn’s appearance on the podcast coincided with his announcement of new music. He shared his upcoming song, “Love Like This,” set to release on July 21. The singer expressed both nervousness and excitement about returning to the stage, eager to reconnect with his fans. Zayn acknowledged the unwavering support he has received throughout his career, emphasizing the importance of his fans’ role in his artistic journey.

A Father’s Perspective

Beyond his music career, Zayn opened up about his role as a father to his daughter, Khai. Since parting ways with his former partner, Gigi Hadid, the couple has mfaintained a co-parenting relationship. Zayn’s focus has shifted towards being a positive role model for his daughter, striving to set a good example and create a nurturing environment. Parenthood has brought new meaning and purpose to his life, emphasizing the importance of family and personal growth.


Zayn Malik’s interview provided a glimpse into his personal and professional journey since leaving One Direction. With a mix of ambition, self-reflection, and a desire for artistic independence, Zayn embarked on a path to establish himself as a solo artist. While acknowledging the challenges and underlying issues within the band, he cherishes the memories and experiences shared with his former bandmates. As he looks toward the future, Zayn is eager to embrace new beginnings, reconnect with his fans, and create music that resonates with his unique artistic vision.

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