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Aoki Lee Simmons Stands Firm in Defense of Her Statements About Her Father, Russell Simmons

In the face of backlash and hurtful comments, Aoki Lee Simmons, the 20-year-old daughter of Russell Simmons, has boldly stood by her earlier statements regarding her father’s behavior. Taking to her Instagram Story on Wednesday, June 21, the model addressed the wave of sexist, racist, and disrespectful responses she received from various individuals. Undeterred by the negativity, Aoki asserted that she was simply following the advice imparted to her by her father, Russell Simmons, on the importance of standing up for oneself, her mother, Kimora Lee Simmons, and her sister, Ming Lee Simmons.

Following a post highlighting the misogynistic comments she endured, Aoki shared a photo of herself alongside her father, Russell, and made it clear that he would not tolerate such behavior. She recalled his teachings, stating, “Until a short time ago, this is the man who told me ‘always defend and look after your mother, girls’ and ‘never let a man curse at you’ ‘you call Daddy if a man ever tries to yell at you or scare you, that’s never okay! Real men don’t shout at women and girls.'” Aoki expressed her disappointment towards toxic men using the guise of defending her father to spew negativity towards women, emphasizing that her father would disapprove of such behavior.

In her final slide, Aoki shared two additional quotes from her father, urging her to defend her mother and sister and never allow any man to disrespect her. She concluded by asserting that she was simply following the instructions given to her by her dad.


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Aoki’s powerful Instagram Story comes in the wake of her mother, Kimora, accusing Russell of threatening their children’s lives on Father’s Day. Additionally, Aoki shared screenshots of text conversations with her father, where she claimed he would harass her friends and boyfriend if she didn’t respond. She also shared a video capturing him yelling at her. Aoki candidly stated, “He’s been awful to me for years, and that’s just the truth,” expressing concern that he might be suffering from mental health issues or dementia.

Russell, in response to the controversy, took to his own Instagram and seemingly offered an apology for his behavior on Monday, June 19. Although he did not explicitly mention whom he was apologizing to, his post coincided with Ming’s video of him yelling. He expressed deep remorse for his frustration and raised his voice, emphasizing his love for his family.

This deeply personal and emotional ordeal has shed light on the complexities within the Simmons family. Aoki Lee Simmons’ unwavering support for her mother and sister, coupled with her resilience in standing up against hurtful comments, demonstrates her strength and commitment to the values instilled in her by her father. As this chapter continues to unfold, it is evident that love, healing, and understanding are crucial for the Simmons family to navigate through their challenges and come out stronger on the other side.

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