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Jillian Michaels Embarks on a Lifetime of Love with DeShanna Marie Minuto in Enchanting Italian Celebration

Love has triumphed once again in the life of Jillian Michaels, as she joyously enters the sacred bond of matrimony for the third time. In a picturesque ceremony held at the Aman Hotel on the Grand Canal in Venice, Italy, Jillian, 49, and DeShanna Marie Minuto exchanged heartfelt vows, sealing their love in a celebration filled with elegance and romance. Breathtaking photographs of the June 24 event, shared by sources, immortalize the enchanting affair, capturing the essence of their special day. Jillian exuded an ethereal allure in her stunning black dress, while DeShanna, 38, radiated sheer beauty in a white Zuhair Murad gown adorned with asymmetrical handmade beadwork, gracefully gliding down the aisle.

Emotions ran deep as Jillian, her voice laced with tenderness, read her vows, a heartfelt moment that took her by surprise, exclaiming, “I didn’t think I was going to cry!” She then presented her beloved with a resplendent 7-carat emerald wedding ring, a symbol of their everlasting commitment. To magazine, Jillian shared her admiration for her new wife, saying, “She’s beautiful, she’s funny, and she’s so creative. But all that shiny stuff, in the beginning, doesn’t last. It’s the profound realization of wanting to walk hand in hand with this extraordinary soul for the rest of my life that truly matters. I hold this responsibility sacred. At 49, I had never found a human with whom I could envision such a profound connection until DeShanna.”

DeShanna, hailing from Italy, played an instrumental role in orchestrating the wedding, with assistance from Design Anarchy Studio. “DeShanna comes from a large Italian family, and Italy holds a special place in her heart,” shared Michaels with sources. Their love story unfolded on the dating app Raya, ultimately leading them to become each other’s confidantes and pillars of strength. “She is not just my life partner; she is my best friend and my rock,” Jillian expressed with utmost sincerity.


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Described as a talented fashion designer, DeShanna’s creative journey encompassed various esteemed agencies, culminating in the establishment of her own label, Letterino 85, specializing in reconstructed vintage jackets. Like Jillian, she possesses a deep passion for fitness, having excelled as a D1 athlete during her college years.

This grand and extravagant wedding marks the culmination of Jillian and DeShanna’s journey together, where vows have been exchanged for the third time. Since 2018, their love has grown and flourished, leading to Jillian’s heartfelt proposal in 2021. The following year, amidst the warm embrace of a Miami courthouse, they solemnized their commitment, with cherished loved ones by their side, including Jillian’s beloved children, Phoenix and Lukensia. Later in the same year, the couple embarked on a second ceremony in Namibia, symbolizing their unwavering dedication to each other.

Reflecting on their journey, Jillian shared an endearing moment from a podcast in 2022, stating, “When we first met, I expressed my hesitations about expanding our family further. DeShanna, however, eloquently expressed that being involved with my children wouldn’t be a deal breaker, but she did envision herself being married one day. At that moment, I realized that uncertainties can be navigated together, and we would cross that bridge when the time was right.”

Their union stands as a testament to the transformative power of love, defying odds and embracing the beauty of shared dreams. Jillian and DeShanna are now bound together, ready to embark on a journey that celebrates their love and promises a future illuminated by their unwavering commitment.

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