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Kelly Clarkson Silences Speculations of Rivalry with Carrie Underwood: Our Paths Remain Uncharted

In the recent episode of Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen on June 27, Kelly Clarkson eloquently addressed a fan’s inquiry about her connection with Carrie Underwood. She fervently expressed, “People persistently pit us against each other, but the truth is, we haven’t traversed each other’s lives deeply enough to be rivals. We have only crossed paths on a few occasions. There is no animosity between us. There is simply a lack of familiarity. Our encounters have been fleeting.”

Over the years, as both Kelly and Carrie achieved remarkable success after winning American Idol, detractors have sought to magnify any hints of discord between these extraordinary women. Kelly astutely pointed out that the music industry tends to unfairly pit female artists against each other, while male counterparts are spared such scrutiny. Reflecting on her talk show episode in December 2020, where Carrie made a guest appearance, a caller inquired about the experience.

“It was an incredible experience. Having her on the show was truly remarkable,” Kelly enthused. “Though it was a virtual encounter due to the constraints of the pandemic, I genuinely hope to welcome her in person someday. It would be absolutely amazing.”


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During the interview, Kelly also engaged in a game of Plead the Fifth, adding an element of intrigue. Initially, she was challenged to reveal the identity of a celebrity who had not been particularly kind to her after her American Idol triumph. While refraining from divulging names, she dropped a subtle hint, remarking, “Many of them have found themselves on shows similar to the one that launched my career. It’s quite amusing how money can influence circumstances.” Andy proceeded to pose another question, requesting Kelly to name an American Idol contestant from the past five years. Alas, she found herself unable to recall a specific individual. However, she did respond to the third query, addressing the topic of whether she had ever experienced an onstage mishap involving her bladder (thankfully, the answer is no).

Kelly appeared on the show to promote her latest album, Chemistry, which was released on June 23. This heartfelt collection draws inspiration from her personal journey and the profound impact of her divorce from Brandon Blackstock.

Emotionally charged and resonant, Kelly’s words convey her desire for unity and dispel the notion of rivalry, all while showcasing her remarkable resilience and artistic evolution.

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