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Kim Cattrall’s Astonishing Return as Samantha Jones in ‘And Just Like That’

In a stunning turn of events, Kim Cattrall has finally broken her silence and disclosed the captivating journey that led to her reprising the iconic role of Samantha Jones in the much-anticipated Season 2 of ‘And Just Like That.’ After years of adamant denial, fans were left in awe when news broke that she secretly filmed a cameo appearance in March. Now, in a revealing interview on The View, the acclaimed actress shared the intriguing details of her return to the beloved franchise.

“It’s truly fascinating when the head of HBO reaches out to you, asking what can be done,” Kim, at the age of 66, reminisced during her appearance on June 28. “Hmm,” she pondered, “Let me unleash my creativity.” Her words hung in the air, resonating with a sense of anticipation and possibility.

“One thing was certain,” she confessed, her voice laced with determination. “We needed Pat Field back. If I were to reclaim the essence of Samantha, I had to do it in style, pushing the boundaries once again.” Patricia Field, the original costume designer of ‘Sex and the City,’ was momentarily engaged with Netflix’s ‘Emily in Paris’ when the green light illuminated for ‘And Just Like That.’ However, fate intervened, as she was concurrently working on the costumes for Kim’s new Netflix venture, ‘Glamorous.’


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Michael Patrick King, the director, writer, and executive producer of ‘And Just Like That,’ acknowledged the magical nature of Kim’s involvement. In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter on June 22, he confessed, “I never envisioned Samantha appearing in this season.” Yet, his mind held onto the presence of Samantha, an unseen thread that connected the characters. “In my writer’s sense, when I’m away from the screen, they’re calling and seeing each other,” he explained, hinting at the profound relationship between Carrie and Samantha.

Suddenly, the Samantha wardrobe was thought to be retired, locked away in the recesses of the past. But then, as if by some enchantment, possibilities emerged, whispering promises of a treasured delight. “Something happened,” Michael mused, “perhaps the allure of the 25th anniversary, or the unwavering devotion of the fans, reignited the spark. And so, I found myself thinking, ‘Well, if there’s a chance, I can conjure up a small, exquisite treat.'” It was a turning point when Kim embraced the opportunity, following a persuasive conversation initiated by HBO chairman and CEO Casey Bloys.

Notably, Kim’s cameo did not intertwine with her former co-stars—Sarah Jessica Parker, Kristin Davis, and Cynthia Nixon. Sarah, aged 58, shared her sentiments about Kim’s covert appearance during an interview on June 21. “I thought it was a brilliant idea,” she revealed, genuine delight coloring her words. “We made it happen, and seeing it come to life for her, it’s truly gratifying. It’s a moment of genuine pleasure.” The dynamic between Sarah and Kim has been fraught with complexities over the years, despite Sarah’s sincere attempts at reconciliation.

Kim Cattrall’s return as Samantha Jones, shrouded in secrecy and anticipation, has elevated the allure of ‘And Just Like That’ to unprecedented heights. Her triumphant reappearance, brought to life through the convergence of fate, creativity, and the desire to honor fans’ unwavering love, has set the stage for an unforgettable chapter in the iconic franchise.

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