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Stormi Webster Shares Heartwarming Father’s Day Moment with Travis Scott on London Eye Ride

Five-year-old Stormi Webster, daughter of reality TV star Kylie Jenner and rapper Travis Scott, had a memorable Father’s Day celebration with her dad. Stormi reportedly flew to London, England on her mom’s private jet to spend the special weekend with Travis. The father-daughter duo enjoyed a delightful ride on the London Eye, and their joyous moments were captured in photographs. Let’s delve into the heartwarming details of their day together.

A Father-Daughter Adventure

Stormi Webster and Travis Scott embarked on a London Eye ride to commemorate Father’s Day. The pair was spotted walking together, radiating happiness and creating precious memories. Travis displayed his affection for his daughter by playfully lifting her up during the outing.

Stormi’s Adorable Style

Dressed in a red tank top, light denim jeans, and black and white sneakers, Stormi looked absolutely adorable. Her hair was styled in braids, and her cheek boasted a starfish painting. The young fashionista showcased her unique sense of style, capturing attention with her effortless charm.

Travis’ Casual Coolness

Travis Scott exuded casual coolness during the Father’s Day outing. He sported a long-sleeved black shirt featuring the words “Listen to Silence” in white text. Paired with long black shorts, gray socks, black sneakers, and a black baseball cap, his laid-back ensemble complemented the relaxed atmosphere of the day.

A Celebration of Milestones

Not long ago, Travis Scott joined Kylie Jenner and Stormi to celebrate Stormi’s graduation from preschool. The event became a family affair, with Stormi’s cousins, Dream Kardashian and True Thompson, also graduating. Despite their separation, Travis and Kylie showcased a united front, celebrating their children’s achievements together.

Co-Parenting in Harmony

Travis and Kylie, who ended their romantic relationship 11 months after welcoming their second child, have prioritized co-parenting their children. Although they may not interact extensively, they maintain a respectful and cooperative approach when it comes to their shared responsibilities. Their commitment to healthy co-parenting sets a positive example for others.


Stormi Webster’s Father’s Day celebration with Travis Scott on the London Eye was a heartwarming moment that showcased their bond and love for one another. Despite their separation, Travis and Kylie have demonstrated their ability to prioritize their children’s well-being and create lasting memories together. Their commitment to co-parenting in a respectful and amicable manner sets a positive example for blended families everywhere.

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