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Marlo Hampton Criticizes Kenya Moore’s Wig Choice: “I Thought It Was a Joke”

Marlo Hampton, known for her appearance on “The Real Housewives of Atlanta,” has expressed her opinion on Kenya Moore’s wig selection for the show’s Season 15 confessionals. While acknowledging Moore’s experimentation with wigs, Hampton didn’t hold back in her criticism of the blond hairpiece worn by her frenemy. Let’s delve into the details of Hampton’s shade and her plea for Moore to reconsider her wig choices.

A Blunt Assessment

Marlo Hampton candidly described Kenya Moore’s wig choice for the Season 15 confessionals as “horrible” and even likened it to something one might find at Party City. Hampton’s assessment was straightforward, leaving no room for ambiguity or sugarcoating her opinion.

Dismissing the Wig Selection

The Le’Archive founder didn’t mince words when expressing her disapproval of Moore’s chosen wig. She deemed it an “epic fail” and made it clear that she found it unflattering. Hampton’s strong reaction suggests a significant departure from her personal style preferences.

A Plea for Change

Marlo Hampton went on to directly address Kenya Moore, urging her not to repeat the wig choice in the future. With a resounding “thumbs down,” Hampton emphasized her dissatisfaction and disapproval. Additionally, she humorously suggested that Moore should consult with her for wig selection advice, further highlighting her stance on the matter.

A History of Hair Drama

Hampton and Moore have a well-documented history of clashing over hair-related matters. In Season 12 of “RHOA,” Moore infamously crashed Hampton’s HER wig line launch party with a full marching band, promoting her own hair care line. This incident ignited tension between the two, and their conflicts continued to revolve around hair-related topics.

Acknowledging Moore’s Wig Journey

Despite her critique, Marlo Hampton acknowledged that she was surprised Moore shared her wig choice with the public, considering that Moore had previously favored protective styles and had been wearing wigs. Hampton commended Moore for being authentic with her fans and revealing her use of wigs and hairpieces alongside her own hair care line.


Marlo Hampton’s critique of Kenya Moore’s wig choice for the Season 15 confessionals on “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” highlights their ongoing rivalry and the importance of personal style in their dynamic. While Hampton expressed her strong disapproval of Moore’s wig, it remains to be seen whether Moore will take her advice into consideration. As fans of the show, we can anticipate further hair-related drama between these two strong personalities and see how it unfolds in future episodes.

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